Magic Earth Satellite View unsharp

I noticed that the Satellite View is very unsharp.
Its not possible to zoom in to view the structure of a city for example.

To give an example:

Yes it’s the case for everyone.

I don’t think it’s a bug.

Ok thanks.
Thats a bit weird actually xD

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In murica the maps are sharp. It is a smart thing to use such a maps application thing in a smartphone area sold in europe. :slight_smile:

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Seems so yes…
Maybe they dont want to show it detailed in Europe because of privacy.

The low resolution of satellite maps makes this layer unusable. Surprisingly, Magic Earth claims : “Satellite maps The best map, now with 7.5 cm accurate satellite imagery.” on their website. This is strange.
They rely on OpenStreetMaps which noes not provide satellite maps. However, does the link between OSM and satellite view. It is possible and available.
I sent a mail to Magic Earth about this and will post the answer here.