Magic Earth update issue

Magic Earth (which I really like) has stopped working, because…

“This app is not compatible with the new maps available. Install the latest app version…”

But when I look to update Magic Earth, there’s no such thing available (ie. it shows as last updated May 12th 2021)

Can anyone help?

Thank you!!

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Preinstalled Apps get updated with OS updates. Is there an /e/ update available for your device?

Alternatively you can try to install the current Magic Earth version using Aurora Store, which is an Open Source client for the Play Store giving you access to cost-free Apps there with an anonymous account.
In this case be sure to use Aurora Store’s Blacklist manager to blacklist every App which you didn’t install via Aurora Store (yes, these are many) to not confuse the system, Aurora Store or yourself with updates which Aurora Store shouldn’t offer :wink: .


I wasn’t aware there was a new system update from April 22. Updating my phone did the trick. Thank you!

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In my case there is no system update availabe, so what do I do? I’m using The S4 Mini seems not to get updates any more.

What @AnotherElk said awhile back. Magic Earth can be updated via Aurora Store.

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I have to manually update Magic Earth on all /e/ devices I ever used.

I was able to update Magic Earth just now via Aurora Store so I guess all is still good.