Magic Earth use google?

I have just found out that Magic Earth use third party from Google. You can see it in settings of the app, about , third party license and breakpad.

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Some information about BreakPad

Breakpad is an open-source multiplatform crash reporting system written in C++ by Google and the predecessor of Crashpad. It supports macOS, Windows and Linux, and features an uploader to submit minidumps to a configured URL right when the process crashes.

Essentially it’s a library that app developers use to get feedback on crashes in their apps. Yes it is written by Google - like most of the code in any Android-based ROM - but it’s open source and, if there were privacy concerns I guess they would have surfaced by now :slight_smile:

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Mmmmm, or maybe not. So better to have a look to it. Isnt?

The code is available here

I would be very surprised if the /e/ team have not already looked into this when deciding whether or not to include MagicEarth in the /e/ ROM

I want to believe too, but I guess that they also need help from the users to find out some issues. They are not perfect.