Magic Earth with tracker?

Hey guys! I recently found out that magic earth lists 4 trackers under advanced privacy. For example Google analytics! Why is that?

Thank you for your help!

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That seems unlikely to me…

And yet…I find the same result than @PatrickStar. The exodus analysis is not based on the same version than the one installed ( vs, but not sure it explains the difference.

Could this come with usage somehow? I don’t use Magic Earth that often (almost never) …

The trackers in the screenshots of @PatrickStar and @MaMaTT88 differ slightly, too.

Can Magic Earth incorporate web content, which could then have the trackers?
( is WordPress.)

If you select a point of interest that has a website and then open the website in Magic Earth’s browser (The globe icon) then the analytics links appear in the advanced privacy.


Sounds legit, thank you for the information! :wink: