Magicearth from thé developpers. For informations

Currently, is not possible to replicate the app on an automotive screen, but we do have plans to make it compatible with MirrorLink in one of our future software versions. The feature is currently under analysis in development case C0493 on our side.

Also, our team is currently analyzing the possibility to bring the Magic Earth app on Android Auto. There is however a workaround allowing you to enjoy Magic Earth navigation audio while maintaining full functionality of other Android Auto services, such as calling, messaging, listening to music apps and more.

Follow these simple steps to get Magic Earth working alongside your Android Auto apps:

  1. Before you plug in, run Magic Earth on your phone and leave it open.

  2. Plug in and start up Android Auto.

  3. Now turn your phone display back on (use the home button on the phone) and swipe down from the top to open the notification bar. You should see ‘Magic Earth is running’.

  4. Just press that notification and Magic Earth will come up on the phone while the Android Auto runs on the car screen.

We are aware that this workaround is not as good as having the Magic Earth navigation running on your Android Auto display, but it gives you full control of Android Auto apps while being navigated by Magic Earth in the background.


This is encouraging. It has been over a year, any developments? Pun intended :grin:

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Yes I am also curious if there has been any development on this. I have tried everything short of phone mirroring to see if I could get Magic Earth running on Android Auto, and I have not arrived at any solution unfortunately.

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As someone who uses this on ios/car play, i too anticipate an app for android auto. I absolutely love it for driving. I don’t know what Google’s demands are for this… But it would not surprise me if it doesn’t get created because they want less privacy… Regardless, keep us posted and thank you for an amazing iOS app.