Magisk e/os 1.0

i’m new in the community :wink:
i upgraded e/os with the 1.0 and magisk doesn’t work anymore, and my phone is not rooted…
i tried with the last magisk (25) but i can’t choose install…and the e/os recovery doesn’t propose install a zip file…
how can i do ?
thks a lot

he ave me the answer on xda :wink:
You need to extract the boot.img from e. Download the tar/zip, extract and locate the boot.img within. Copy that somehhere on your phone and feed it to magisk.

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That is one way and recommended.
There is also the other way that I did with /e/OS 1.0 on the Essential PH1 and Teracube.

The Magisk apk is also a flashable zip. Copy the “magisk.apk” to “”. Then it can be adb sideloaded using the /e/ (LOS) recovery [Apply Update].
If I am not mistaken, the /e/ recovery can apply (flash?) updates from sdcard. I get that option on the Teracube (with microSD) but not on the Essential PH-1 (no microSD).

I usually try that route instead of all the extra steps:
Extract ROM image/payload.
Transfer boot.img to phone.
Patch boot.img.
Transfer patched.img to PC(*).
Fastboot flash patched.img to phone.

(*) In a pinch (no PC available), if you have another rooted device one can also do adb/fastboot between devices. I’ve flashed ROMs and/or recoverys to my OnePlus 8T from the Essential Phone successfully.

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