Magisk on Fairphone 4

I just successfully loaded /e/ OS 1.8.1-s-20230203257059-stable-FP4 on to my Fairphone 4 handset using the easy install tool. I presume at this point, my handset is now considered rooted?

Now I need to load Magisk on to it to control android subsystems.
Is this possible with /e/ in the same way it can be done on Android OS?

Specifically, I need to enable open wifi hotspot operation by client devices over the handset internet connection (bypassing cellphone data plan limits on hotspot data by network operators).

I see threads in the community of challenges in getting Magisk installed and running on other devices.

Does Magisk work in the same way on /e/ ?

As you choosed the “stable” branch, the device is expected to pass most verifications included safetynet

Short : yes !

But magisk installation process depend from type of device (separate /boot or not)

[Howto] install magisk and hide that OS have been modified

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