Magisk on FP3 with locked bootloader and /e/ recovery

I understand the risks, downsides and upsides of rooting my FP3 with Magisk and I am willing to root it. Do I need to flash a custom recovery and unlock my bootloader if I already have the default /e/ custom recovery installed? Can’t I just go into recovery mode and sideload the Magisk zip file without the need to unlock my bootloader or install any custom recovery?


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Any news so far on this one?

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The magisk installation have to modify /boot partition, it is impossible on a locked bootloader device.

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I tried and it ended in a bootloop into recovery. Although… I installed magisk with a temporary TWRP, since i was aiming to keep the /e/ recovery.

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So I unlocked my bootloader and adb sideloaded the Magisk zip through the default /e/ recovery. Worked just fine! Thanks!


But you can’t lock bootloader afterwards, do you?

No. It apparently corrupts the system.

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Oh true, that works… Didn’t know that. Thanks for mentioning it!