Mail app crashes adding gmail account


After entering gmail address, there is a progress bar “Checking incoming server settings”. After about 15 seconds, popup “Mail has stopped, Open app again” appears.

I had working gmail, but since about Oct 28 no new messages. Same as above happened when I tried to re-login. I deleted the gmail account, then tried to add again with above result. and other imap email accounts are still working fine.


I had the same issue recently with my Gmail accounts.
Sometimes, I was able to use for a few days before I had to delete it and add it again. Had some crash too.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for you.
I started migrating away from Gmail 1 years ago, I changed my email address on few sites left I was still using daily with Gmail. For the rare case I still need to access my Gmail account, I use a browser.

That’s a feature, not a bug.

Don’t do it.

Please stop using Gmail.


That.s the right way.


Possibly this is being worked on here

(dotcoma & harvey186 - ha ha, not helpful)

My solution would be to set up your Gmail account to forward all emails to your account. Or set up a free Protonmail account and use that. Eventually you can ditch GMail.

My thoughts as well. Sort of defeats the purpose of using /e/ really.

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I found the solution here:
Delete the google account (added by MicroG) from Settings/Accounts.
Now it is possible to add and use a gmail account.

To all you who say “don’t use gmail”, that is a separate issue. If this is truly desired by /e/, then the Mail app shouldn’t offer to set up a gmail account, and then crash doing so. (BTW I’m not suggesting I’d support such removal)
There are degrees of getting away from the big G…

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I think the problem is, that people will search for a solution to stay with google, not for searching a solution the go away from google.

My personal thoughts are: If I decide to use an ungoogled OS I have to leave google in ALL cases.

Leaving gmail is such easy. I think it needs not more than half an hour and all mails will arrive on on other email provider.