Mail app does not sync anymore & reversed settings still in use


on my FP3 with latest /e/OS 0.12 the Mail app suddenly stopped to synchronize my multiple mail accounts. None of the suggested community solutions, as far as I have taken notice of them (emptying cache, checking battery settings), do change a thing.

Also, some app settings I changed and reversed again, are still exercised. To be more specific, I changed the accounts settings in the app to fetch mail from ALL folders instead from the main folder only. I did so, because I also wanted to have my drafts on my phone, but only wanted to do this once. So I reversed these settings right after fetching what I wanted, but the settings are still exercised. I know about this because when I now synchronize (manually of cause, see above), the status notification in the apps header shows fetching my draft folders. Also, it kinda stuck doing so, at least the notification about fetching drafts stays on the screen for a much longer time than the one about fetching main folders.

Does anybody know a solution/workaround for these Mail app problems? Does anybody know how to globally reset ALL Mail app settings to standard settings? Perhaps that might help… I know that, as a last resort, I could try deleting all mail accounts and setting them up again, but I would really like to avoid that.

Thanx in advance for any contribution

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