Mail app issue in v1.0

There was a question in last week’s development & testing update (week 22) about the fact that following the /e/os update to v1.0 the mail app no longer shows coloured chips to distinguish different accounts. A reply said this was due to a change made in K-9 mail on which /e/os mail is based.
The K-9 documentation, however, refers to being able to set account colour (
Also the K-9 post for the current release indicates that the user interface has been updated to allow configuration of the notification light, including to follow the account colour, suggesting that the documentation is not out of date here.
/e/os mail in v1.0 does have the option in settings for each account to set notification light to match account colour, but apparently no option to set account colour. Presumably if it did the coloured dot next to unread emails would reflect this.
Apologies if I’ve misunderstood anything but there does seem to be an issue here.
Any clarification appreciated

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