Mail app - Issues with Gmail

Hey there,
I’m new to \e\os , I just finished my setup some days ago and was quite happy. I use Gmail so I connected my Gmail account to the mail app - everything worked good. Yesterday Google found some activities suspicious and forced me to setup a new password for my account. I set up a new one on my laptop. On my phone all my google-services were still active and logged in, but I couldn’t use them, f.e. I could browse my GDrive, but could not upload, I could read my mails but could not send etc… I couldn’t find a way to relog with the new password. Then I decided to remove the account from the mail app (and reconnect afterwards). And now sth. strange happened - I couldn’t see any of my mails anymore, but when I go to Mail > Hamburger Menu I can see my Gmail account still listed as the main account in the upper left corner. When I go further to “Settings” I can see that my GMail account is still listed in the “accounts” as the only one (I only had one, so thats correct, but it should be nothing displayed here). When I try to remove again I have the same behaviour.

How can I reset/relog my (G)mail account?

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