Mail app / K9-Mail version

Hi there,
I am trying to get a bug on K9-Mail addressed (cf github issue), however from the feedback I got, it looks like /e/ is using an older version of the application, which was considered beta:

Also make sure you’re not actually using K-9 Mail 5.500. Because that was a beta version. The current stable version is 5.600.

Is there a plan to update Mail/ K9-Mail on /e/ soon?

Create a issue here:

This is the fork, /e/ is using.

well, I came here because they mentioned that what I was using was beta and should be upgraded to stable 5.600.
Since it’s a /e/ core app, I was hoping to get info a rolling an update for /e/ K9-Mail. One that would benefit everyone else.

Hi @J49, You can raise a bug on Gitlab to update the version. I have forwarded this to the dev team but it is better to have a issue in Gitlab as it helps us track and close it.

Thanks, the issue has been raised.

Feel free to close this to keep things tidy.