Mail app won't allow OAuth2 even though server supports


If I try to change my authentication method from “Normal Password” to “OAuth 2.0 Token” the app won’t let me, with a message “OAuth 2.0 is not supported for this email”, even though the server supports it.

How can I report it so it is fixed? I believe what is being checked by the app is the FQDN of the email address instead of it performing some query to the email server, since, as I said before, the server does support it.

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Hi @saunite which email account are you facing this issue with? The /e/ ROM mail app is a fork of k9 .
You can report bugs here also in case you want to propose a feature

I believe k9 mail does not support OAuth2, so can’t report it to them.

The email is a private one which I won’t share, but the specific email domain shouldn’t matter