Mail doesn't work (for me) [SOLVED]

Hello everyone,

I received my refurbished galaxy s7 edge 2 days ago.
I can’t configure properly mail. when I try to add my mail account i only have the following message : “canot connect to server” . What should i do?

Is it an account or other ?

No it’s an “” account.
It works fine for the account

Could you pls also ask in french section ? Could be that there are other users which. can help you or knowing the issue.

Or do you have running ‘TracketControl’ app ? If yes, disable tracker control for nail app

And you are using this setup ?

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Hi Harvey,

Thanks for your answer.
I’m using the setup you have described and i don’t use “TrackerControl” app.
I found a solution, i installed K9 mail then i add my account and finally i export this setting in mail.
It’s wired but it works.

sorry i wanted to say weird (not wired) :slight_smile:

great that you have found a solution :clap::+1::+1:

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