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Un the last update, it ils impossible to create a gmail account in email app.

I’m on hero2lte, /e/ version e-0.5-n-201903114123 update OTA

Thanks :slight_smile:

really, you want add a gmail account on a google free phone ???

And by the way, no, with the mail app you can’t add a gmail account.

It was possible just before the update. Only for the email part i mean

No everyone wants to completely de-google, some just want more control of their privacy or to try out an interesting OS.

Hi, there was a change we had to make due to which Google sign-in stopped working in Mail. The issue has been fixed in the 12th March update.

Let me know if you still encounter the issue after updating.

Thanks for the update @nihar1024

Hi @Sebastien please can you check if you are able to add an account from inside the mail App. This issue was resolved in the latest build. Checked it on my tissot oreo /e/ build.

Update done and problem solved ! Great job :slight_smile:

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I have exactly the same issue on my LeEco Le2 phone with latest update installed (from 11.3), should I wait until the next update?

BTW @harvey186 having access to google email on google free phone makes sense. I am using this email for over an decade now even thought I am thinking about changing it, for now it is enough to have possibility to add gmail account to mail client. By having Google free phone I personally understand having phone that is not being tracked by google or bothered by advertisements.

The next update should have this fix for the mail app.
On the question of gmail id’s I guess it will take us some time to get rid of it. After all we have been using these ID’s for more than a decade. For e.g in India some of the government institutions insist that we use a gmail id to validate the user! Other ID’s do not work!! The weaning away will take some time :frowning: .

Oh yes! very sad. gmail is equivalent to most as email!!! :frowning: !!