Mail in service for /e/ installation?

Hi, I was wondering when the mail in service will be available? I saw a beta testing post in 2019 but I haven’t heard anything more about it. I’d love to use /e/ os, but all of my installation attempts have been met with failure, so I’d gladly pay to have it installed for me. I live in the U.S. btw. If it’s still in beta, is there some way I can sign up?


Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

During our testing phase of the mail-in service we ran into several issues with the quality and reliability of the phones sent to us and this prevented us from being able to perform our work in a qualitative and repeatable manner. Therefore we will not launch this service, sorry.

If you have one of the following devices, the easy installer can be used :

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – Exynos only
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 – Exynos only
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Exynos only
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – Exynos only
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – Exynos only
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Exynos only

You could also ask for advices in this forum, some nice people will help you :wink:

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hi @Godrick, if you were in France, i could manage the flashing process for 30€+12€shipping

you are in USA, but maybe i can give you some advices, witch is your device ?

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Thanks for the info @Anonyme and for the offer @piero ,
I’ve decided to wait until a 5G device becomes available. Since I’m looking to get a new phone now to run /e/ and replace my 2016 phone, but I realized I’d want to upgrade it to get 5G within a year or so anyways, so I think it’ll be better to just wait and suffer through giving Google all my data for the next months, haha.


Completely drop gg is a long way. Why wouldn’t you begin now ? You could learn, in the meantime, and don’t ‘contaminate’ (too much) your (future) device…

Furthermore, with USA/China ‘war’ about 5G, it’s not sure that custom ROMs like /e/ become avalaible instantly. Surely, hardware will be strongly closed-source. A bit of knowledge could help, then.

Your old phone (or a second hand other one, as daily or test device) could be a good trainer :wink: