Mail-in your phone is in beta testing!

Our “Mail-in your phone” Flashing service is now in beta testing!

We have received smartphones from our testers and our team of experts is busy installing /e/OS.

Packaging :white_check_mark:
Happy to see and confirm that the packaging we have selected protects really well the smartphone! Smartphone is securely packaged and protected from scratches and drops.

Flash station :white_check_mark:
The flash station for the beta is up and running. Installation process for this Galaxy S7 is a success as planned! :tada:

:fist_right: Kudos to the team for their hard work!

Next on our list:
:exclamation: Capture feedback from testers
:exclamation: Improve the process
:exclamation: Roll out for supported devices by batches.

Hoping to be rolling out soon, stay tuned!


This is awesome!!! This should attract users all over the EU.

Long live /e/!!!


What is needed to make a flashing station? Is this something that current users could set up for local flashing events? As a way to spread /e/ outside of Europe.


Je peut poster en français ici?

Would be nice to speak English.

I’m trying…I don’t know if it’s a private person who offers the installation service of /e/. Thank you

Hi @IlarioQ right now it is in testing phase as mentioned above. We will share details on how to send in your device for installation on this thread.

Sorry I didn’t understand! I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Software runs on raspberry pi?

I think so. Will check and get back.

There is a raspberry pi on the table hidden under the blue thing on the picture, and you can see a part of the raspbian logo on the top left of the screen so I think it runs on a Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

@Manoj @alexis any way that /e/ could provide a download page of software, a detailed description of how to build the flashing station?

At present we will not be able to share the flashing stations code as parts of it are still under development. We are planning on releasing a easy installer in early 2020 to help users do the installation themselves.


I like this project, when is it going to be in gitlab?

Hopefully soon!! ETA’s are not available.

So once this is up and running someone could send in a phone from the US or anywhere as long as its on your supported list?

We will start with EU and then spread out to other locations.

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Not sure if the foam is such a good idea (environment friendly wise)


Very good hint. Better use wood chips or recycle paper stripes.

But please corn chips or other stuff which is normally food. Thx


On another point: is the “/e/ install app” still in development…? We discussed this earlier on the forum somewhere I think. I really think anything that makes installing /e/ easier and doable for laypersons deserves investment! Thumbs up if you agree!!