Mail on Fairphone2


I installed the the newest /e/ ( on my new Fairphone 2. Now I tried to use “Mail”. At first I typed the Mailadress and than my password. After that “Mail” crashes and ask If I want restart it. When I restart “Mail” the prosedere starts again.

Have you any Idea?

Maybe the mailprogram is unable to guess the correct server name.
Have you tried to use “Manual Setup” and insert the correct server type & name?
Which E-Mail provider do you use?
Have you tried to access a different E-Mail account?

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Hi Markus.
You are right! I tried “Manual Setup” and now it works. I saw the link “Manual Setup” to late :slight_smile:
Thanks for helping.

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You are welcome. Nonetheless the mailprogram should not crash, when it can not find the correct server. So there is likely a bug.
Would you be willing to state the name of your E-Mail provider, so that this crash can be investigated?

Of course. The providers name is Strato (

Thanks, I created an issue for this problem:

Hi, thanks for reporting and sorry for the late reply, would it be possible to create me a test account ?
is your mail ?

Is it a Microsoft Exchange account or a normal one ?