Mail-setting partly ignored

Hi there,

I’m really happy with on my Sony Xperia XA2 for a long time now, wonderful OS.

Since the update from 0.10 to 0.13, I’m having some problems with the built-in mail app:
Pushmail doesn’t work anymore, no new mails are coming in this way.
My notify-settings are ignored: LED-colour, ringtone on/off and vibration on/off. The default settings (red LED, standard ringtone + vibration) are active.
The worst thing: If there are coming in more mails at once, every single mail triggers the ring tone and the vibration seperately, so every mail produces a notify action somehow, which results sometimes in one minute rings :slight_smile:
I’ve already tried backing up settings, delete all data, importing my accountbackup.
Also as I created a new account without the backup, the settings are still ignored.

Any Ideas what I could do here?

I made two issues some days ago, (1) and (2).

I can’t confirm that the mail app doesn’t receive push messages. In my case it does very well from three different IMAP servers. Probably it would be a good idea to delete the existing mail accounts and create them new from scratch. You must also be sure to allow background synchronization (set it to “Always”) in the global mail settings.

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Hi all,
I have the same problem. I’m using the builtin mail-app “foundation.e.mail” version 5.600 since the beginning on my Galaxy S8. Up to some weeks it worked fine.
Since july 2020 I am happe to have a google-free Equipment.

But since about 6 weeks my mail-settings are ignored. Periodic retrieving of my emails all 5 minutes is ignored. To get new emails I have to retrieve manually. This is very annoying. I have created some SmartHome Apps which send an notifying-email when a limit value is exceeded. My “lazy” mail-app suspends this feature.

What means “background synchronisation”? I don’t want synchronisation with any clouds or data-pools. Exactly this is the reason why I have decided to use /e/ OS.
My email-account is pop3-account, this is an one-way communication a synchronisation is therefore unnecessary.

What can I do to get my automatic periodically retrieving back?

I appriciate your support.

I’m not sure. The thread opener talks about the push mechanism. You talk about cyclic synchronization in a 5min interval (polling). These are different concepts to achieve the same result.

I guess you have no background synchronization. (Mail app, Settings, Global settings, Network, Background synchronization). This option must be set to “Always”. (This is not the default.)

Background synchronization means the communication between your mail server(s) and the Mail app which is an ongoing background process. This is the way the mail app requests for new mails on the server(s). In your case this is cyclic polling every five minutes initiated by the device.

People using IMAP servers have a completely different mechanism: the device with the Mail app is known to the IMAP server and the IMAP server informs the device by sending a push notification to the device which is much faster and leads to much less network traffic compared with polling especially when you have such a short polling interval.

It seems whatever settings I choose, they are ignored. I have background synchronisation set to “always”. Retrieving mails by polling works sometimes: It seems to work when the mail app starts while there’s already a network connection, which is not the case when I had flight mode turned on before.
Generally a lot of settings are just ignored and set to default, and the mail app can’t detect the available network connection.
Most of the time I’m checking mails manually…

The problems after the end of flight mode are meanwhile an accepted issue, a solution is tagged for /e/ 0.15.

Workaround: If you terminate the flight mode you can open the Mail app once and do one manual request. This starts the push mechanism on IMAP servers. I’m not sure about cyclic polling but probably this will also work from that moment on. But it’s still annoying when you forgot this in the morning and then you wait all the day long for an important mail.

If you generally don’t get it working, try FairEmail as replacement.

Thanks for the info with the upcoming release /e/OS 0.15 and the workaround. That is what I’m hoping for: Fixed by a new release.
I have 0.14 for a few minutes now. The LED setting of the mail client still is ignored, as well as vibration setting… For push and polling I’ll see.
I’m going through this, still a happy user :slight_smile:

Hi irrlicht,
thank you very much for your precise information and help. Now I have switched the background sync to “always” - and it seems to work :smiley: