Mails are silently deleted if standard folders aren't set in Mail 6.307

When writing a mail in Mail, tapping “Save as draft” in the 3-dot menu doesn’t do anything. The other 3 menu entries seem to work as intended See below.

“Save as draft” works is greyed out in K9 Mail 6.400 if the Drafts folder isn’t set.

imap has folder subscriptions. Is it possible “draft” is mapped to a non existant imap folder serverside?


Indeed! I also observed that mails simply disappeared once sent or if deleted. After setting the folders it works. I don’t feel that they should have been that hard to detect but :person_shrugging: I didn’t have an Archive folder so I promptly created one as I don’t dare think what would happen if some part of the app decided to archive some of my mails with no folder set!

I think that silently discarding mails is a pretty bad behavior that should be fixed as soon as possible.

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Behavior is the same in K-9 Mail apart from “Save to draft” being greyed out instead of just unresponsive. Do you think I should report a bug to them too?