Make /e/ use different DNS Servers AUTOMATICALLY when WIFI or MOBILE connection

I just installed a PiHole at home. When I turn on my mobile phone using WIFI I use the DNS Server of the PiHole.
Ofcourse this does not work when I am on the road. When I am on the road I have to use the standard DNS Server of the provider. (I know there is an instruction about AFWALL+, but that is not what I want to do … yet).
I know how to change the settings manually.
Is there any way that /e/ recognizes AUTOMATICALLY to take DNS-Server XYZ when it is WIFI and to take DNS Server ABC when I am on the road?
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second this (for exactly the same reason).
DNS should be configurable for each stored Wi-Fi network

see also: [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Primary and Secondary Server in DNS settings