Make monthly donation less complicate

Hi there!
I would like to join as a paying member - but I can either pay by paypal (horrible privacy issue) or by patreon where I’d have to sign up with… google ( :thinking:) or Facebook (:roll_eyes:) or create a new account? Well, this is not what we want, is it?

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Simplest solution:
Could you please publish your IBAN so people who just want to send you money in an uncomplicated way can do that?

I personally think of a monthly payment of 1-7€ per month.



Hi @hirntot you can contact the team on . Mention what you want to do and they will send you the IBAN.

Could this additionally be made public and officially documented on the page to make it easier for supporters to get around Google, Facebook, PayPal, credit cards and/or setting up a Patreon account?

Thanks will pass on the suggestion to the website maintenance team.