Make more clear info for Samsung S9+

It will be really good for new people to be more clear in the list of devices, where you can download the build for Samsung S9+ , that the dev option is in Q and the stable option is still in 8.1. There is not way to know it if you dont go deeeeeep in the forum.

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I Agree! Also, make more prominent that you need to upgrade the Samsung OS from 8 to 10 before you can install the dev or Q version of /e/. It doesn’t work to install stable /e/ and then update to dev.

@manoj, is still the stable in Ssamsung S9+ in Oreo, isnt? So why in the web it says that the stable is in Q?

If you have manually upgraded to Q then you get the stable Q build. We are testing the OTA OS upgrade so the oreo builds should get an opportunity to upgrade to Q OTA.


When you say manually , it means that if I am in Oreo now, I might download firmware for android 10 for my S9+ and then install the e/ OTA?

But before installed the oreo , I had the stock rom running in Q. Should I download the last firmware anyway?

@Manoj , I still dont get the upgrade

The OTA OS upgrade testing has not started as yet. It will be released only after the testing is complete, May take a couple of weeks - release could be around end of June.

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What you mean with this? Where is the Q manually upgrade?

Does this help, this is the all purpose page for the Samsung 9+

The above page does not intend to answer questions about Easy Installer, I think you really need to keep the two subjects separate in your mind.

There are mistakes in this documentation page.

  1. it give fastboot command instead of heimdall-flash command
  2. it talks about dev (q) and stable (q) but links to stable (o) cause stable (q) is not yet released.

thats what I wanna hear. Stable Q is not yet released.

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