Making an unofficial build for a new device

Hi there,

First I am new to Android development.

Imagine I am interested in helping porting /e/ to an unsupported device in Lineage OS (Sony suzu).
Knowing that Sony is providing source code and information to build AOSP version 7.1.2 and 8.1.
Knowing that OmniROM exists for Sony suzu.

What could you recommend for porting to /e/ ?
Meaning starting from Sony AOSP or from OmniROM ?
Starting from version 7.1.2 for /e/ v0.1 or 8.1 for /e/ v0.2 ?

In fact, this question is for all new devices.

Thanks !


Since /e/ is based on LineageOS I’D suggest trying to find other people working on porting LineageOS 15.1 to the Xperia X. The other options you suggest would be harder but still possible I think.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any initiative for porting Lineage OS 15.1 on Xperia X yet.

I’ve just discovered the same problem for my v1.0 use case! A Moto G3. There is a maintainer of LOS 14.1 who is apparently plannign to work on 15.1, but I suspect they’re losing interest as it has been a long time with no posts about it.

Hi! Don’t forget to input your device here: in “suggest a new device”.
We used LOS fork for a beginning but when the dev’ team will be much bigger, we probably can support devices that LOS doesn’t support. Depends on the demand.


Hi! I have already suggested this device.

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Julien, I’m new here, wondering. I have a moto g5 plus LTE. i was able to root. The SD port won’t mount. Thinking there might be a rom compatible for my device. Please let me know.

Hi, I will let @Manoj answer as he has more knowledge than me :slight_smile:

Hi @brotherjames , this is our current set of supported devices
Moto G5 is currently not in it. As mentioned by @Julien you can suggest adding this device on the e website under the ‘Suggest a device’ section if not already done.
Alternately you could also try an unofficial build for your device by following the instructions here

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@christophe14 In this thread here, you’ll find some options for potentially building /e/. I haven’t tried this yet myself, but the process seems fairly straightforward. I would imagine as long as you’re working with a v7.x of android on your original phone that you’d like to flash, then you may be able to make a workable build. The devs are currently working on /e/ v0.2, which will allow for devices with android v8.x (oreo) to be flashed. My theory is that you’d be able to build for anything v7.x or older, but as I said I haven’t tried this yet myself so I can’t claim for certain that it would work.

If you’ve got the right computer specs to run the build, give it a shot and post how it works! I believe you can build using Ubuntu as long as you have at least 250GB of HD space, and 8GB ram. Windows or Mac won’t work, it has to be linux.

Technically that is correct @veeve01 any device supported by cm14.1 should be build able using the source from eelo-0.1 while the same should be true for the Lineage 15.1 version when eelo-0.2 becomes available. You could also check if the device is supported on LineageOS4MicroG’s web site @christophe14 In case of UN-supported devices it could be complicated. I believe you would have to get hold of the device specific kernel and vendor folders. There will be a certain amount of customization required here. You could get a basic understanding from the article here . By customizing the device specific files you should be able to get a working ROM. All the best with your ROM-building!!

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Thanks for confirming my logic. I was looking at these tiny phones for tinkering with:

Unfortunately, since they run marshmallow, I’m assuming that there’s no way to port an older version of /e/ onto them, since /e/ starts with LOS 14? Will /e/ be compatible with older LOS 13 phones as well at some point, or is this not a market worth programming for, given the limited amount of devices that fit this category? These tiny phones make great conversation topics, and given their extremely cheap price point, would make them likely candidates for people experimenting with various OS’s.

As you would understand right now the development progress would be towards Oreo and at some later point of time Pie devices. Having said that nothing is stopping users from experimenting with customizing builds for older versions of android :slight_smile:

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There is a ROM of LineageOS 15.1 for Xperia X released in November 2018:

Would this help porting /e/ to Sony Xperia X?

@MaTiZ if it is officially supported on Lineage then you should be able to port it to /e/. You can try building for the device with /e/ source code with the instructions given here

This is an unofficial LOS 15.1 development. Probably it can help.

My view is to wait for /e/ V1 version first for stability reason and then why not mounting a task force to port V1 on Xperia X.

I am not in position for making the port on my own without strong support.

I have looked everywhere for the “suggest a device” link, to no avail. Would someone please let me know where it is. I see that the Moto G5 is not yet on the list of supported devices and I would like to make sure it is on the list of candidates.

I am also thinking of trying my hand at building it myself although I’ve never built a custom ROM before. I will check out the build link.

Here’s the link [POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?

Thanks @Manoj! I saw the thread but missed the survey itself -

Je comprends vite mais il faut m’expliquer longtemps!:smirk: !

In any case, it seems the initial survey is limited to a selection of devices applicable to the time frame “by the end of 2018”. I was thinking more along the lines of a rolling 18 month roadmap. Perhaps, if it hasn’t been done yet, I will consolidate the posts that have been made in this thread since Oct/18 and come up with a format to track votes for various devices. I see too that the targeted hardware varies according to what version of /e/ called is being discussed (02?). I will need to familiarize myself with the roadmap / terminology - I’m still pertty much a newbie, banging around in the dark and running into things.

Thanks again,


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I want to do build an /e/ ROM for my other HTC10 device (PME). Do you know where I can find a way ( “how to ?” for newbie) or some documentation to use an unofficial LineageOS source from a developer (XDA) in the build of a / e / ROM?
I have already studied “How to Build the / e / ROM?” from this website … but I didn’t realize how to use an unofficial LineageOS source.
I know it’s already an official ROM variant but it’s just Nougat … there’s the LineageOS source (unofficial) for Android 9…and 10 perfectly functional.Thank you…for your time.