Managing Contacts

After impporting contacts from two different files I have duplicates. How do I manage my contacts?

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Can’t say really.
There’s an old app, Carbon Contacts - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository, that does just that.

Via App Lounge / Aurora Store / Play Store there are a number of such apps. Just for fun I installed a couple that have no tracker info. One had nine, another had 17. Push notification services / activities for a rather simple task?
Denying internet access to such tools would be wise. Not using them would be wiser. :smirk:

Not sure but I believe Simple Contacts Pro can deal with duplicate entries(:grey_question::grey_question:).

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What exactly Do you mean by “managing”?
Only getting rid of those duplicates or a more general “how to” avoid duplicates in the future?

It´s e.g. an option to maintain your contacts in a cloud-service such as e.g. nextcloud or murena cloud or your e-mail provider (if supported) and simply sync changes (both directions) to+fro your local machine (e.g. using Thunderbird or the like) and your smartphone and else via cardDAV protocol.

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Speaking of Simple Contacts, anyone notice a new fork that adds address fields to the mix?
For some of my contact addresses it will automatically parse and put info into correct fields. Mostly on old contacts that were probably added years ago on Windows or something.

Simple Contacts Pro SE (Extended version of Simple Contacts Pro that supports separate address fields)

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My best tool for now is to use a computer with Thunderbird and CardBook extension. It allows a search for duplicates and then what to do with it.

It is not so “nice and easy” to use on my laptop, but it does the job well with a lot of possibilities (merge duplicate in one, delete it, “forget” it is a duplicate…).


Thanks to you both for your replies. All I want to do is eliminate duplicates and perhaps to edit some of the entries. For example, I can’t find a simple ‘delete’ option.