Manual update of a Redmi Note 8T /e/ 0.18

I’ using version 0.17 of /e/ without any problem and I try to update to 0.18 via the phone, but it doesn’t work

  • download ok
  • installation ok
  • reboot : I am still in 0.17

I want to do a manual update, but if I can install the recovery 0.18 with Fastboot, I can not restart in recovery mode TWRP, I arrive on the Redmi Recovery and I do not know what to do.
Thanks for your help.

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hello, just a little up for my post.
Thank you


Let’s assume your update is for the same Android version (Pie to Pie, Q to Q, …).

At first, you’ll have to install TWRP permanently.
Please see here (" Booting a custom recovery using fastboot)" or here (“Fastboot Install Method (No Root Required)”).

Hello, ok i’m now in TWRP recovery mode.
i have one question : to make a “simple” update from 0.17 > 0.18 do i need to erase all my data ?
Or can I just clear the cache and the system in the advanced Wipe ?
Thank you

If it’s the same Android version (in example 0.17 Pie to 0.18 Pie), you can “dirty flash” : in all devices I know it’s just flashing over using TWRP’s Install button (images are downloaded to /data/lineageos_updates/) and clear Dalvik/cache.

While you are in TWRP, and before flashing, taking a full TWRP backup is also a good practice :wink:

OK !
And… all it’s done ! My Note 8T is now 0.18 !
Great! Thank you for your advice.

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