Manual upgrade doubts S7 SM-G930F (oreo to pie)

Hi! I’m using e since a couple of months now. So far so good. I like the OS. Some crashes here and then but nothing too undesirable. I installed my first e on the phone using easy installer and it all went smoothly. I have version e-0.12-o-2020093076269-dev-herolte
Thing is I would like to have pie on my phone. I like the functionalities that come with the version. Can somebody please answer this questions for me: :slight_smile:

  • Is the new version 0.15 pie unstable for S7? Does anyone have experience using it? :slight_smile: (or any other version of pie with the S7)
  • Do I need to build it myself if I want to install it in my phone? I’ve seen the build guide page Is there any other alternative?

I can see there’s only oreo releases in here:
I’ve seen as well that there are release notes for the Q, Pie and Oreo versions of e in here

I’m hesitating a bit about upgrading to Pie to avoid instability or other kind of issues (but at the same time I want to do it lol). If someone can give me any advice I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

In my opinion, this is a very good /e/ OS ‘Q’ alternative:

In my opinion, this is a very good /e/ OS 'P’ie alternative:

Both builds are already used by several us/e&/rs.

Thanks for your reply @SuzieQ! =) I can go directly to Q from oreo right? Do I need to do a clean install and clear everything from my phone and reinstall that later… I guess so :slight_smile: haha but I wanted to ask anyways =)
I’m happy I can go to Android 10. I find it way better than Oreo. Thanks for your help. I’ll try to install it when I’ll have some spare time.

Hi Luis, you’ve nothing to lose. Try a ‘dirty flash’ first. If it fails, do a ‘clean install’.

Try both versions. 9-Pie offers security features like ‘Q’ and is proven. Well, ‘Q’ is newer - but better? Find out and share your /e/OS experience with /e/community.

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Hi I finally installed Q in my phone. It works perfectly. I only had to add “simple dialer” app to manage calls because the default app kept crashing. No big deal. Thanks a lot @SuzieQ!! I even solved a problem of wifi hotspot that was not working under oreo release =) The hotspot used to turn off and never come back up again… Now it works just fine :slight_smile: