Mapbox (and Advanced Privacy?)

I use a public transport which has a mapbox/maplibre map usability.
It doesnt work with e OS though.
On a LOS device running tracker control I could make it work when deactivating blocking for a mapbox tracker, but Advanced Privacy doesnt show it so I cannot allow it.
Any workaround for such a case?
would be great!

what public transport app is it? AP blocking the microG map-layer would be news, but is plausible

Its this one:

Sorry for the g-link, I dont know how to link it otherwise from my Microsoft PC…
Thanks for looking it up!

I don’t think it’s due to map tiles being blocked. Rather some layer / drawing issue. microG spews

D GmsMapAbstract: unimplemented Method: setIndoorEnabled
D TileOverlay: Not yet implemented: remove
D GmsMap  : unimplemented Method: addTileOverlay

what can be relevant or isn’t (addTileOverlay kinda read like it is, but then, debug is verbose). That is on e-1.17 so microg can already be ahead.

Thanks, even if I have no idea what it all means :laughing:
Anything I could do about it anyway?

create a github microg issue with “[]” in the title and those 3 debug lines, that map tiles aren’t visible.