Maps app doesnt work on Xperia Z2 Tablet (castor) running 0.21-q

When I open the Maps app it says it couldnt be found?!

And the fix is in the most recent v0.22-q builds that are currently being tested

Oh @MaxO you have /e/OS installed on the Xperia Z2 tablet! I didn’t know this build existed. I asked for it here. Where did you get it?


[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets

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Yes, I am using this:

Oh sorry I’m not in the correct topic (I have a different tablet version, the one with Wifi only)

Updatet to 0.22 and Maps is working again, thanks a lot!
Is there a thread where I can see the other changes the update brings?

I am using the OS in German language and the “Dateien” (=files) app now is named “@string/files_label”. I guess thats a small bug :slight_smile:
Is there a way to rename it myself?
Thanks again to all the people making this happen!
Regards from Austria,