Maps application

Maps application “Magic Earth” is the only application not (yet) open source in /e/, as we could not find an open source solution comparable in standard to the common well-known application.

However, its publisher provided us documentation about the privacy behaviour of this application. You’ll find the Privacy Statement for Magic Earth on /e/ wiki at the following location:

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I’ve read some negative comments about Magic Earth as a replacement for Googlemaps, but I used it today to navigate from one city in Belgium to another, and it worked just fine.


Thanks for your feedback. Good to read Magic Earth worked fine for you. Not sure about the negative comments you read but if you provide a pointer to those we’ll be happy to review and discuss in this thread.

Yes thank you it works fine, tried to find the maps of some very small to most people unknown villages and it is all there in to be found in the search function. And it is usable with Geo-location off.


There is something really convenient in Google maps that would help the future /e/ map application to be adopted: web access.
When I organise my day, or a trip or a set of meetings, I like to pin the places on the map from my computer in advance, it’s much easier to multitask. And then I have all of them on my phone when I need them.
It is also a feature can be used by a secretary to organise the day of the person she in charge to: pin all the necessary places: Hotel, meeting places, restaurant booked etc…
So we can see the area we have to deal with, the distance, by just one zoom on the map. Against the agenda where it’s just a list of addresses…


i don’t like use map engine with geoloc with proprietary services like google or yahoo. I like openstreetmap and i believe it is very useful map, geoloc, routing, and information around for day to day or vacancies.
In our discussion i want to say just it not a real search engine to use but geocoding services to receive point reference. then send list of point to routing service.
it not so hard to build with existing free software up to openstreetmap data or background layers.

in France we have addok software for BAN but you can find data for all the world
for routing osrm-project is not in production state but very functional like graphhopper.
a third service is founding service around a position like photon plugin for leaflet

i think it will be great to travel between account information (contacts, calendar, todo) and map app.
availability to locate contacts or calendar event and make easily trip on map by make day trip or see calendar in map.
That will a killer features if data is mine and will be.


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Hello everybody !

I’m impressed by magichearth. If “address research” is less intuitive than on maps (you have to select the type of search), once you understand this, everything works perfectly.
Having tried several times to use Openstreetmap as a replacement for maps, magichearth is, in my opinion, much better.

I have a LeTv, x526. MagixEarth is very stable.



I’ve tested Magic earth on e0.1-201811081858 last week and e0.1-201811212056 yestersday
and it’s very impressive !

It works fine on my a5y17lte.

If it could become open-source, (like Openstreet Map is :wink: ) it would be perfect.

Hope /e/ project could helps achieve this !

Thank you to the /e/ and Magic Earth teams for those quality alternatives projects !


Hello Qwant maps has been released ! Alpha version


MetaGer seems to be out of alpha or beta state. They provide their app via direct download, so you don’t have to mess with Google in any way.

I myself did not use it yet, because I want to have the maps offline. I’m using OsmAnd~ from F-droid and additionally Here maps (app retrieved via Here has live traffic information. That is what is missing in OsmAnd. I know this is far from perfect regarding privacy, but I feel its still better than using Google.

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As @moose, I’m using OsmAnd, an open-source GPS based on OpenStreetMap, which is perfectly working but doesn’t support live traffic, except if you add other services (spoiler alert : none of these services are open-source).
And as @Julien I’m following Qwant maps (also based on OpenStreetMap), which may become interesting.


I use this:

I much prefer it to Osmand, which is too complicated and unintuitive to me.

For SatNav with traffic info I use HERE WeGo (not FLOSS).


I tried that Maps application, it’s good for an open source app. Maybe @GaelDuval could give it a try… -


A comparison of some of the Map apps all of the same area and almost same distance

Magic Earth

Maps OsmAnd
While nothing comes anywhere close to google maps the best of the option looks like Maps


Nice comparison @Manoj :smile:
Both Maps and Osman’s use openstreetmap data so should be the same, in theory. I imagine colours are the developer’s choice.

Just my two cents.

I taught I could start to learn how to live without Google aps just right now and then I started to use Magic Earth on my Lenovo K-6 Android 7.0.

I never liked Google Maps so I used Here or Waze but Magic Earth looks pretty fine to me.

It’s has good features and works quite right here in Brazil.

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I was using Mapsme unti now on Android. Have you heard of it ? What do you know about it ?

1 Like is a very good app, with an offline mode.

Unfortunately, if you buy a premium account you cannot recover it because it needs “Google Play” services. (Like so many apps)

Send them an email, tell them you’re interested but as you’re using /e/ and “Google Play” is mandatory you can’t buy their product.

Also Sygic is a good app, but full of display artefacts on /e/, unusable.

Native Maps app (Magic Earth) has a too dense interface, i don’t like it at all.


Thank you ! But what about data security ? …

I don’t have a premium account on, I just had a free account. I didn’t even know you could get a premium one !