Massive 5G problem at least in Germany with e/os on Fairphone 5

Owning a FP5 with e/os for some days I found a real problem using this combination. FP5 has (had) a big problem with 5G, basically switching from LTE to 5G and back made it often unusable, mobile connection brakes completely.
I read at Fairphone this thread:

It ends with a fix being spread by update. But this is for the delivered Android 13.
So now, where is this fix in e/os? At least not in v1.20 from February 2024.
This means you cannot use 5G with e/os / FP5 . Thats really annoying.
What now? How can I fix the problem?

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I have the impression that after the 1.21 update the FP5 does work again with 5G in germany. I have only tested for some hours now, but it looks promising. Phone is very stable at 5G on location where it was completely unusable before.
Lets see how the next few days work out!