Maximum brightness changes


I’m running /e/OS 1.11-s-20230510288098-stablegFP4 on my Fairphone 4.

Some time ago, I enabled the one shot auto brightness (see here). In the last couple of days while hiking in the sun, I noticed that the display was sometimes brighter and sometime darker - but the brightness value was always 100%. In some situations, it was literally hard to read details on the display at all, whereas in other situations (same level of sun/surrounding brightness) it was not an issue - it just changed out of a sudden.

Has somebody seen a similar behavior?

Thank you

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In Fairphone forum there are tons of post on this problem:
Seem a FP firmware problem, probably due both on light and warm. A developer from FP wrote they found the probably cause and wil try to solve in the future update.
I think the eOS team use that firmware, so the solution will come in the next updates.


How will this propagate back to /e/ if it is a firmware bug?

By the fact that the e team use the stock firmware.

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