May I dirty flash e-0.22-Q GSI over e-0.18-Q GSI?


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as it is same OS distribution (/e/OS) and same android flavour based (q), there is no need to wipe anything.
It is a simple update

Thanks for answering :+1:

Hello. Where did you find 0.22 GSIs?

Nevermind, I found it.
@Manoj. Do you know were I can find the script that built it?
I would love to build more recent GSIs than Android Q.

The GSI manifests can be found here



First time I done a dirty flash, this morning, to update from 202204 to 202205, both e-0.23 GSI.

First flashed system.img then wiped cache/dalvik and rebooted.

All seems to work fine, waiting for V1.0 (and clean install)…