Mediatek processor phones

It’s been a long time I’m looking for and it’s telegram channel, hoping developer will start working for mediatek processor phones. But no, they are just working for Snapdragon, truly lost hope. Wish I had enough resources to build myself.

Hi @25safikul support for Mediatek processor is one of the open project for /e/ what that means is we are looking for ROM maintainers who can build and maintain /e/ ROM’s for mediatek processor using phones.


because the device suggestions replies seem to be closed, I post this here, but it fits the Mediatek issue:

I imagine support for Oukitel C11 Pro (as a very low priced, ~60 $, worldwide in developing markets used phone) could help widen the /e/ userbase.

Android 8.0 Oreo
Processor: MediaTek MT6739

Custom ROM developer: