[MEETUP] Community meetup in San Francisco, CA, USA


I’m curious if there are some people interested in /e/ in San Francisco. If there is interest I would be happy to organize the meetup and would probably have a space we can use down town (its large enough for 20-30 ppl)

If you are interested, make yourself heard here! if there at least 5 people I’ll get this going.


All the best for the efforts to set up this meetup @kang

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Hi, Did this ever get off the ground? Is there any group in the SF Bay area?

Are people here successfully using /e/ ?

Hey in not sure if this got off the ground. I’m looking to meetup with others near SF. I’m actually in Lake Tahoe. Would definitely be a great place to have a meet up. Just would be nice to network with other like minded people because I have yet to meet anybody that knows about /e/ and that there is a viable alternative and private mobile operating system available. It seems like we need to get the word out there about /e/; now more than ever. I had to do some real digging and searching before I stumbled onto /e/ accidentally. Any ideas?

It didn’t really get off the ground, I’m the only user of /e/ I know around here :slight_smile:
There might be more these days than when I posted though