[MEETUP] /e/ workshop in Guatemala ☺️

Deeear /e/ers, as members of a Guatemalan Social Ecological Network, “La Hojita” (www.lahojita.org), we’re envisioning setting up an /e/ install party - workshop in the course of the next months (probably in June 2020).

Do you think someone from the /e/ team or Foundation could assess us, as /e/ users without sooo much technological background, for instance by accompanying live the workshop through a videoconference modality?

Nous parlons aussi la langue de René Riesel :wink:, et pourrions interpréter vers l’espagnol, durant l’atelier.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @Cabahuil,
First of all thanks for showing interest in organizing an install party in Gautemala . As an answer to your question, Yes If you can share the dates in advance we can arrange for either Gaël or one of the team member to come on a video conference to help answer queries during the meetup.


Marvelous, @Manoj, and thanks a lot! We’re gonna establish the date in the coming weeks.