Merci beaucoup!

Thank you everyone at e! it’s a miracle that the US has an option to buy a non google or non apple non American ideology based OS design!! I have received my phone from France …Thank !! I will continue to support e!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Thanks for the feedback @luka . Appreciate the support.

Which carrier is supporting your European phone, if you don’t mind me asking? Sometimes all the bands aren’t supported, which can make the phone somewhat less reliable in certain locations.

You can find a list of /e/OS compatible carriers here

HI TDunlap! it is Deutche Telecom in the US

I think it’s more a hardware issue than operating system. Phones made for sale in Europe have some different operating frequencies than the US versions of the same phone.

That’s correct !! :wink:

And this may be indicative of LTE showing versus 5G but , who cares anyway.

it’ll never be 5 nines like a lan line nor will it be the consistency audio quality as a LAN.

At least Google (shit layer) has been removed. I only wish American industry would care about the consumer as much as companies and Governments do about their data protection. America is a waste land for its citizens.

If I were writing privacy laws, Anything containing personally identifiable information about you would be your property, and use by another party would require a contractual arrangement, royalties, etc.

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