Message app (qksms) - no backup possible


I am running latest /e/ having issues to generate an sms backup in the message app. The blue button “backup now” is there, but nothing happens when clicking on it…I think it is quiet important for people trying out /e/ to be able to backup their conversations…any idea what the issue is?


Hi, welcome in our community :slight_smile:

In QKSM > Settings > Delayed sending, the “No delay” can’t be changed. Those 2 features are normaly for the Premium version of the app (that we should have).
I will open an issue on the gitlab.


sorry, I should have introduced myself first :slight_smile: thanks for the welcome and for raising the issue…

I tried silence, but backup didn’t work there, too. I believe being able to easily backing up / transferring a message db would be a pro argument for testing /e/


I think so, to. Import/export at least a plaintext file, while installing /e/… Using Silence since years, I deleted a lot of messages and export just the ones I needed and… installed Silence on /e/ :confused:

Hello I’m new to /e/ I also noticed that QKSMS that is built into /e/ won’t backup so I download QKSMS from the /e/ App store and that allowed a backup.