Message - Color for messages and contacts

Hi everybody,

I would have a question about message app.
In Contact, the icon of each contact has a random and different color like below:


In message app (forked from QKSMS), if you want the same behavior, you have to enable the option below:


On my side it is enabled.
Or is it for the background color of the text message bubble? But at the end it’s the same color in QKSMS for this background color and the icon

So I would expect to get a random & different color for each icon in front of each conversation (like what I get in QKSMS). But instead of that, I get only a identical grey circle:


Is it expected (a change compared to QKSMS) or a bug for everybody (or for me only).

/e/ version: Android 11 / R 1.7-20230111250687
Device model(s): Samsung A5 2017 (a5y17lte)

Thanks in advance

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That setting works as expected in the upstream QKSMS app. I believe that the functionality is removed from /e/'s forked app, as part of /e/'s (misguided :wink: ) effort to provide a consistent UI theme across their forked apps. If I remember correctly, a similar problem used to exist in /e/'s Mail for of K-9 Mail. But I haven’t used either Mail or Message for quite a long time now, largely because of stuff like this.

For the stock Mail app I made a case when /e/ was 0.13. This case was declared as the same as another case for /e/ 0.10. Both cases are long closed which means that they are solved completely now nobody is interested to solve this.

Hi guys,

thanks a lot for your inputs.
But I can’t understand the decision if the colors in message app have been removed due to “consistency in UI”. In that case, we could just use black & white interface everywhere even for icon of apps in Bliss, remove colored background pictures in Bliss, …
Just below an overview of what it could look like:


I guess we agree it’s horrible!

Maybe it’s for Black Mode?

@smu44, what do you mean by Black Mode? Dark Theme? No it’s the same for light theme :frowning:

so based on the first feedbacks/inputs, I posted this Enhancement Request: [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Add (Restore) colors for icons in Message app

In addition, I think this idea in Gitlab from @Žroutík (The colour defined in styles shall penetrate into main colour in native apps (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Browser,…)) is similar and needs our support!