[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Add (Restore) colors for icons in Message app


after a double check of the current behavior here, I want to post this idea in order to have more modern, more appealing and more consistent User Interface (UI) and so better User eXperience (UX) with /e/ OS default apps.

So in Dialer or Contact apps, each icon of contact have a specific color and in addition, that color is the same in the two apps.
It’s very important to avoid to have black and white theme (we are not in 70’s-80’s with black and white TV or computer!!). In addition, that help the brain to see that it’s not a long annoying list of text in the app but well a list of different elements.
And that won’t break any consistency in the OS since the 3 apps (4 if the idea is extended to Mail) would have the same colour palette.

So in order to avoid this annoying screen:


My new feature request is to restore/add colors in message app like it is in the contact & dialer app. In addition, Message is a fork of QKSMS which has this feature!!

In addition, you can by yourself choose the color of the message for a contact using as illustrated below:

But even if it gives to the user many possibilities (but impossible to use it for 10’s or 100’s different messages!!!), it seems there is no easy way to come back to the default color proposed automatically by the app :frowning:

So that’s my proposal. If you like it and want it, don’t hesitate to add a comment or just like it because we need it

Heva fun & nice UI is important for UX and thus for the possibility to extend the use of /e/ OS for non geek people who won’t select other apps in order to replace app with poor implementation.

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