Messaging audio video

Does the Message app in eOS support audio and video attachments? I can’t see how to do it.

I apologize if I am missing something basic. I don’t see any posts about it.

Teracube 2e 1.21.1-s-20240326389527-stable-emarald

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Message app uses the facilities of the underlying Android. There’s only SMS and MMS. So what’s possible within the constraints of the MMS support of your provider can deliver media (some countries/providers already shut it down).

I think a mmsc tries to transcode media and those standards are pretty old (2007 old, MPEG-4 + H.263). You’re better off sending video/audio any other way than MMS in terms of deliverability and fidelity.

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Thank you for the thoughtful reply, that helps.
I appreciate the quality limitations of media in mms, but sometimes that is good enough. Other people using my provider are able to do it.
The Message app in eOS does not appear to provide a way to try attaching anything but photos. Am I missing something?
Sending any other way probably makes sense, but is there any other way that is universal?
Thanks again.

@tcecyk is completely correct in his assessment.
I just ran a couple of tests myself (just to be certain before I answered).
I will add, that I only tried with a couple of the most common formats that are currently being used (It “may” work with some older lower quality legacy formats, but I didn’t check, as it doesn’t offer any practical solution)

I backpedal, while I see some media (video, unmerged audio) attachment handling for received media there’s none on sending, sorry I didn’t check first the UI.

Fossify SMS does have them -

A merge request for audio/video attachment in qksms, the upstream of Messages is sitting there. Might make sense to ping /e/ folk to merge that one as upstream development is at a standstill anyway -

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