MEW wallet - QR code scanning not working

I can’t get the QR code scanner to work on my MEW wallet app to scan, which is a crypto app that let’s one interact with ethereum blockchain. I read in a different thread re banking apps that this might be because of needing google pay services or something?

Anything I should try to try fix?

Are you up-to-date? QR code scanning with the Google Play Services library was fixed in a recent-ish microG update.

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Thank you I will try this

Did it work?
I’m looking for the best wallets compatible with /e/…

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Just got a new phone, I haven’t had the opportunity / need to try this yet. I will report back once it is done!

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Mew has 3 trackers according to classy shark, but its open source! Someone checked the code?

Sorry for the loooooong delay. The QR scanner SecScanQR worked perfectly for me, I haven’t had a chance / need to use MEW again…

I d k …
But actually Ive been using coinomi (just because I saw it mentioned around here) and metamask