Mi 8 - TWRP error 255 - PC connection

Good morning,
I updated my Mi 8 from Q to R and finally S version 1.9.
1- When I backup with TWRP -3.7.0_9-0-dipper it fails with “create tarfork() eror 255”, while if I deselect the data folder the backup goes to
successful. Backup to an OTG stick with plenty of free space.
2- With the Windows LTSC 2021 x64 PC I can do all the operations with ADB, but the phone is no longer detected by file explorer and MyPhoneExplorer.
I haven’t changed any apps or settings on my phone since the Q-R-S- step, keep in mind that I use Shelter with Whatsapp installed.
I hope I have explained the problems well.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help

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About #255 error: could this help?
Also, Shelter (more precisely: secondary profiles) is known to throw #255 errors with TWRP backups.

Thank you,
i had not read howto.
But with Shelter with Mi 8 Q version backups are OK.


I deleted the secondary profile and uninstalled Shelter, as far as I know in system folders the secondary profile is actually deleted,
but the same problems remain, 255 errors with TWRP backups, and the PC does not see the phone.

The error message is probably in recovery.log file.
You should find it in TWRP/BACKUPS/xxxxxx/, using the Files app.
Or, upload it somewhere and share the link here.


Link for recovery.log
only thing I understand is that the date and time of creation of the twrp folder is exact while the log shows February 16, 1971,
then I don’t understand anything.

Thank you

Looks to me that TWRP fails to decrypt Data partition.
Are you asked for pattern/password/code at TWRP boot?

You may try with previous version, 3.7.0 is know to have problems with some devices (How to root eOS without TWRP? - #3 by Gianna).