Mi 9T Bootloop after update or modifying the system

My Mi 9T often goes into bootloop as soon as the system get touched in any way, the updater make my phone bootloop (i had magisk installed), flashing things like f-droid permissions make my phone bootloop and the “reboot” button in magisk after updating it or plugins also make my phone bootloop.

How can i save my data ? I don’t have any backups and TWRP never did the backups correctly anyway and i don’t know why but the /e/ recovery is just a black screen

Normally, I get 2 secs of e and the e screen brightness change but when i get into bootloops, it never changes and just restart, but after the restart, the e never shows again

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Can you boot into fastboot mode?

yes i can go into fastboot and TWRP, i tried TWRP backups but i always get corrupted files

So far any indication is missing, which version of /e/OS and TWRP were used!

My /e/ os version was 1.4, after making the backup of my phone using TWRP 3.7.0, i tried installing 1.4 and updating to 1.5 without magisk and it worked, so the problem came from magisk, also the e recovery shows a black screen so i use TWRP.
I tried restoring the backup I made from TWRP but i get “extractTarFork process ended with ERROR 255” so i lost all my data, at least i didn’t have anything extremely important, i just need to reinstall and reconfig all my apps, i will try to reproduce my case, do you have any commands that i should run to add logs/info ?