Mi a1 call list need help

today i wanted to delete my call list, but i found no ability to do it, before i installed the update to /e/ version 14 p it was possible

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Yes it is. Go the phone app > Calls list > three dots > Erase calls log (I’m using spanish so the names could be diferent)

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exactly erase call logs is missing i can delete my favorites but the three dot menue doesn t offers me to erase call logs
i hope this will be possible again with next update

In my device I need to press tree dots again to show the erase the call log

When I pressed erase full log it’s clean

So I think the

erase full log

option IS working

Hope It’ll be working for you too.

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Hi @kamamira what @Erekoze is mentioning is correct. Try double taping the three dots menu and you should see an option to clear the call logs.
I agree it is not exactly a very intuitive way to hide an option. I am checking this on a different device and can see it showing up.


@Erekoze and @Manoj

thank you very much for your help

You’re welcome, @kamamira