Mi A2 Lite support

This is an android one device. Kernel sources are available and other roms have official builds. Should be possible and fast to port e/OS to it.
Thank you.

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Have you searched before post ?

Anyway can you please make the request like this one ?

Device tree is needed to build !

Last but not least, evaluate crDroid until \e\ will be available:

Since there is no official support from the ‘LineageOS Android Distribution’, the chances of an official /e/OS ‘dev’ version are extremely low. Whether a volunteer will build an UNOFFICIAL /e/OS ‘R’ build remains to be seen.

“daisy” runs Stock Android 10, MIUI 12, Android One. Thus, an e-1.1-q-dev-treble GSI can be installed relatively easily. This variant is not the conclusion of last wisdom, but it is a real dev-release /e/OS with (private) dev-keys.


crDroid v8 for ‘daisy’ is an advanced custom ROM based on AOSP 12 - and Signature Spoofing ready. This means, that MicroG services can be installed later.

But - it’s just not /e/OS with all its privacy and security features. The new App Store App Lounge has to be waived as well and the known alternatives have to be installed instead.

AFAIK crDroid is LineageOS based, not AOSP.


I also assume that. But LineageOS 19.1 is based AOSP 12.x, isn’t it?

AFAIK all Lineage versions are AOSP-based…

…anyway v7.x (= Android 11) & v6.x (= Android 10) - even if no longer supported - are still available too:

Lineage & Co. incl. crDroid interest me only marginally. To me, an actual /e/OS Q / 10.0 / 17.1 is more sympathetic than any other S / 12.1 / S 19.1 builds. If necessary, I’ll help myself with a /e/OS Q GSI. For me, /e/OS has priority.

I mean that you can easily find daisy sources/device tree and so build \ e \ …

That may be, but I’ve no personal interest in a Xiaomi Mi A2 lite. I prefer Mi A2 (jasmine_sprout) and more recently Mi A3 (laurel_sprout).

…what’s the point of your replies in this 3ad then?

What do you care? I put my two cents in where and when the forum guidelines allow.

Of course, but your 2 cents should be constructive to be useful.

Who do you think you are to decide what I think is constructive and useful.

Well, encourage users to seek and share (re)sources - and, of course, encourage them to build theirself or, where possible, stimulate to become a maintainer - and trying to involve 3rd-party builders is reasonably more constructive than demoralize them by writing that “the chances are extremely low”.

However, from what I have read in other 3ads, even the GSIs are not that easy to configure / install…

@forart.it, live well in your world, I live in my realistic one.

You may say I’m a dreamer.
But I’m not the only one.