Mi A3 support (laurel_sprout)

Kindly support /e/ ungoogled AOS for Mi A3. The new Android update is not trustworthy. Kindly share dev and patch updates if available.


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There is an unofficial LOS18.1 ROM for this device, with published sources, so building for this device should be possible. I couldn’t find vendor blobs though so there would be some work to do.

Try CrDroid build (which is LOS based too):

I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 2017.
Is this thread also meant for this model?
For the 2016 model, there is already a /e/OS, see: Smartphone Selector

Wrong 3ad, start a new one please.

BTW, if you want help \e\ builders, you have to seek for a LOS based custom 1st.
Start here: