MI5 (gemini) -7 error complaining about the modem, is solved by a newer MIUI ROM. Then the /e/ guide worked

When trying to install /e/ latest nightly version 0.1, I had error -7 complaining about modem on my Xiaomi Mi 5 (gemini), this was done without zip signiture verification.
I followed /e/ guide step by step, the guide is good its just missing some information for my phone specificaly.

The missing infomation I needed was how to solve -7 error when install fails and complaining about the modem.

I solved this problem by the following steps:
1.: Flash the latest developmnet rom for Xiaomi Mi5 (gemini), because my version was old and I guess it didnt have some stuff like the latest version do have. I guess its also a new firmware for the modem, dont understand this, but anyway lets continue.

Here is the full instruction how to flash MIUI OS: http://en.miui.com/a-234.html
Follow this and then boot in to the new MIUI OS.
2.: When you are in new latest development MIUI OS you have to do all bootloader unlocking steps again.
Like Tapping in “about phone” on the “version” many times to get into developer mode.
Enabling OEM bootloader in the delopment options
Connecting your MIUI account to the phone (needed for unlocking the bootloader)
Downloading miui unlock program for windows
When bootloader unlocked is done, you can boot into fastboot (pess Voulme down and poweroff buttons at the same time) and continue following the steps from /e/ guide for your phone (mine is MI5 gemini).

Interesting is that in this case /e/ guide worked. The install of last nightly /e/ did not give any errors and it didnt fail. Also the phone booted in /e/ system without any problems.

Just wanted to write it down, for all the users with MI5 gemini phone.

So all people trying to get the /e/ working on your MI5 gemini, update to letaest devlopment MIUI if you get the -7 error modem problem.

Kind regards,