Mi8 root & busy box


I’ve bought a mi8 specifically to get myself going with /e/ and learn about moving away from Google.

I’m unable to get Magisk superuser to register any apps. I’m interested in Adaway, but the app doesn’t trigger and superuser requests.

I’m also unable to run BusyBox. The app loads but hangs when I click install


Hi, at fist my all time question: ‘Do you really need root’ ?? rooting a phone makes it unsecure !!

And if you really needs root, there is a Magisk modul ‘Bussybox’. No need for extra app.

But there is a nice Firewall (NoRooFirewall) with wich you can block all IP’s you want. It’s closed source but works really good and sends no data ‘home’. I’m using it since longer time.
If you have flashed MagisK form XDA you can use the MagisK modul ‘bussybox’ no need for running extra bussybox app

EDIT: You have installed latest MagisK Manager ?

Hello @harvey186

Thanks for the suggestion, I would still like to enable root so I can use Adaway. It’s my preferred method for blockig ads system wide.

I have flashed Magisk 20.1 in TWRP successfully, I can see Magisk Manager 7.4 in my app list. I’ve been able to download and install some modules.

I’m just unable to trigger any SU activations when running Adaway or File explorer any any root requesting app.

I am failing safety net - but I guess this isn’t an issue as OS is not reliant on this?

Saftynet fail is normal on e-os.

Why yhe window for root access won’t come up, i don’t know, sorry.

I managed to sort by flashing a system r/w module in Magisk. That then triggered root dialogue box

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